Admission to Microblading/Microshading Brow Master Class at The Aura: Become the ultimate eyebrow shaping expert!

  • 27 Feb, 2024
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Are you passionate about eyebrow shaping and want to become an expert in this field? Join the Microblading/Microshading Brow Master Class course at The Aura – an in-depth and high-quality training course, helping you become a true Brow Master.

  1. Learn with leading experts: At The Aura, we are proud to have a team of instructors who are leading experts in the field of Microblading and Microshading. They will share advanced techniques, know-how and practical experience to help you become a Brow Master with outstanding precision and talent.
  2. Practice on real models: Not just stopping at theory, this course gives you the opportunity to practice on real models. You will be guided step by step in the eyebrow shaping process, from drawing shapes, choosing the right color to precise and safe techniques.
  3. Knowledge of face shape and color analysis: The course will help you clearly understand face shape and how to analyze color to create perfect eyebrows suitable for each customer. You will learn how to interact with customers, listen to their wishes and make optimal suggestions for their eyebrows.
  4. Using top technology and products: At The Aura, we always use the highest quality technologies and products in the eyebrow shaping process. The course will familiarize you with today’s leading tools, machines and products to achieve the best results for your customers.
  5. Post-course support: After completing the course, you will receive a certificate and ongoing support from The Aura. We are committed to always being available to assist you in developing your career and answer any questions related to Microblading and Microshading.

Sign up now for the Microblading/Microshading Brow Master Class course at The Aura to become a professional Brow Master and perform classy eyebrow art.

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